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Jim Nylund

Even though this issue’s cover could have been used for a summer issue, we chose it for its
connection to our theme, “heart.” The vast migration to the Oregon Territory in the mid-1800s
took a great deal of heart from its participants. We feel that Springfield artist, Jim Nylund,
depicted it well in his painting of “Oregon or Bust.”
Jim Nylund began his work as an artist in grade school doing cartoon drawings of Disney
characters. Since then, his art expanded to include a wide variety of media and subject matter.
Today, Jim's watercolors and oil paintings reflect his love for the beauty of nature.
Jim seeks to portray what he sees in nature as realistically as he can. While currently painting
primarily with watercolors (and some oils), over the years he has worked in many areas of art
-- photography, printmaking, air brushing, engraving, etching and making fine French and
Japanese handmade papers.
Having spent most of his life in the Northwest, including seven years in Alaska, most of Jim's
paintings are of landscapes and wildlife from places that have been important to him.

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