To Have a Graveyard as a Friend
by Michael Pace (2016) - 158 pages

      People have been talking to their dead friends and relatives since the dawn of time. It
gives them comfort and allows them to reflect... if but for a moment... peaceful memories. It
is a time for their soul to connect with the soul of their beloved.
Perhaps the departed person “talks” back, perhaps not. Who are we to say, until it is us
sitting at that spot.
      Years later as a licensed funeral director, I would remember that day. I was forced
along my way to deconstruct my life and to reconstruct it. I had tough lessons to learn along
the way.
      Spending many hours every week amongst the dead had very little impact on me, a
cold callous young man who knew it all. Then one day my boss challenged me to find
meaning in my job, and perhaps find a purpose for my life. He suggested I look deeper into
the lives of the people I was burying.
      Could the very dead help even me?
      If I listened to them through the files we kept, would they “talk” to me? Could I learn of
their successes and failures? More importantly, would I apply what I learned?
      Read our adventures. See what you think.
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Michael Pace, first-time author, brings you an unusual group of
stories. As a funeral director, he learned to know his clients and respect them
for the lives they led. Doing so seemingly brought them to life and allowed him
to give them the send-off each deserved.
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