My name is Brian Palmer and I am a poet and a storyteller. That is, I write poems
when they come to me and I love to tell a good story or joke, whatever comes
first. I believe that thinking and breathing should be done similarly; slowly and
quietly, deeply if possible. My good friend, Tom, lost his brother to an aneurysm,
and Tom talked about how his dear friend and brother, Ernie, knew so many
things, so many secrets, how he loved a good mystery. It made me think of
cavemen who constructed the first deep, dark secrets while crouched around their
fires, fending off the creatures and fears of the night. I hope “
Secrets” causes you
to peer into the night sky and wonder who is listening to your heart beat.

Brian Palmer was an early contributor to Groundwaters. He continues to live full-
time and write part-time in Eugene, Oregon. He still hunts and golfs when the
opportunity arises. In September, Brian's first book will be published by RMS1437
Publishers, an anthology of selected poetry and short stories, "I Hope God Can
Take A Joke, Because I Am Serious!"
(Spring 2013)

Brian Palmer was raised in the small towns and woods of western Oregon, where
he learned solitude and writing. He grew up not in the lap of luxury, but in the lap of
wonderful, loving parents and three great brothers. After high school (go Falcons!)
Brian served in the US Navy before returning to the West Coast and working 20
years as an electrician and in sales. In between was a falling away from the faith
and virtues that had served him in his youth and he was nearly murdered for his
efforts inside a ratty trailer house in Bakersfield, California.
  “Four Black Crows” and “Leroy’s Christmas Eve” are poems in Brian’s memoir of
poetry and short stories,
Faith and Crossroads that is available on
(Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology).

Website address:  none available

Index of Groundwaters contributions:
Volume 1 Issue 3
- “Secrets” and “The Noble Creed” (poetry)
Volume 9 Issue 3 - "Nigh Upon the Water" (fiction)

Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology: "Four Black Crows" and "Leroy's Christmas
Eve" (poetry)
Brian Palmer
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
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