My main job was teaching special needs children in the Los Angeles area. Long since
retired, I’ve been around the world on a freighter, had a real estate license (sold half
of a house, once) and now-a-days, I line dance regularly.
(Summer 2005)

About 4 years ago I began to write seriously.  To me that means entering contests,
reciting at open mikes and doing book fairs.  Using my computer, I've produced 4
chapbooks; even sold a few. I have a couple of hundred poems under my belt (which
may explain why my waist is thicker).  
(Winter 2009)

Here’s a new-to-me form I learned from the Poetry Society of Tennessee (PST). It’s
called a pirouette: It has 10 lines, 5 and 6 identical (except for punctuation); 6 syllables
per line. It need not rhyme. I’ve revised the rules a bit so most of mine rhyme and I
take occasional liberty with the sayings or phrases in the middle. The little stories pivot
around different meanings of the phrases.
(Winter 2012)

Website address:  none available
2012 Arizona State Poetry
Society Contest

"Looking Back on One
Jean Marie Purcell
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
"Bubbling up in our own good time-- online."
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