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Stella Richardson
I was born in Portsmouth, England, and came to the USA in 1956. I worked in Washington for
a year, married and moved to Sitka, Alaska in 1958.  We raised five children, living in Sitka
and later Anchorage. Altogether, we were in Alaska for 40 years. I learned to fly while in
Anchorage, flying Cessna150s and a Cherokee 180. From there, we moved to Diamond Point,
WA in 1998, to an airport community. We then built a home on the tree farm near Lorane, OR
which my husband has owned since 1956. I have loved to write poetry and paint all my life,
having published one poetry book called “England to Alaska” and  illustrating a children's book
written by my son.
(Spring 2013)

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Volume 9 Issue 3 - "Cowgirl Country" (poetry)
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