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Wayne and Maybell Robinson
The following story is being printed in two parts beginning with this issue thanks to the
generosity of Bob Wendling of Portland, Oregon. The story was written by Bob’s
father- and mother-in-law, Wayne R. and Maybell Dey Robinson in 1972. The
Robinsons were married for 75 years before Wayne’s death on March 23, 2002.
Maybell followed him in death only 8 days later – on March 31, 2002. They were a
remarkable couple. I met them when I was researching my book
Sawdust and Cider; A
History of Lorane, Oregon and the Siuslaw Valley
in 1986. They had team-taught at
the Lorane High School from 1930-1933 and when they heard that I was writing a book
on the history of Lorane, they sent me their unpublished manuscript,
Two Teachers
Wore a Dozen Hats
, that told about their experiences during those 3 years in Lorane.
The manuscript was rich in humor and it told about life in a rural community as it was
during the Great Depression. When our book was published in conjunction with the
Lorane Centennial Celebration in August 1987, Wayne and Maybell attended the
event and I was able to meet them in person. I believe that their contribution has
added a very personal and colorful portion to the area’s history. (
Winter 2008)

Wayne R. Robinson was a graduate of Coquille High School (1926) and earned a B.
S. degree in Business Administration (1930) and a M.S. degree in Education (1949)
from the University of Oregon. Prior to 1945, he was principal-teacher and
superintendent for 10 years in small rural high schools in Oregon – Lane, Wallowa,
and Coos Counties. He retired (1972) after 27 years of service at Grant High School,
Portland, Oregon, where his major activity was that of counseling and testing. He was
instrumental in the development of many Vocational Guidance activities in Portland
and contributed significance to the pupil-personnel permanent records now being
used by the high schools of this city.
Maybell Dey Robinson was a graduate of Myrtle Point High School (1926) and has a B.
A. degree (1930) in English and a M.S. degree in Business Education (1959) from the
University of Oregon. She taught with her husband in two-teacher high schools of
Oregon for 6 years and retired (1972) after 27 years of teaching at Roosevelt High
School, Portland. Her major activities at Roosevelt were teaching classes in business
machines and acting as chairman of the 9-teacher Business Education Department. In
1967, she originated an office education on-the-job training program for senior girls
which received National attention from educators interested in career development.
Besides their professions, Wayne and Maybell’s passions involved their extensive
travels, where they visited almost every country in the world. They wrote wonderfully
long and detailed Christmas letters telling about those travels each year. I was
fortunate to be added to their mailing list following the publication of
S&C in 1987.
Currently, their son-in-law, Bob Wendling, is in the process of publishing a book from
the wealth of journals, diaries, manuscripts, and letters that the Robinson’s left as their
 (Spring 2008)

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