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Vallee Rose
I lived in Eugene from May 2005 to February 2006 and then moved to Walton
from February until December 2006, when my husband of six years asked for
a divorce. A friend of ours with medical problems had been staying with us
since March 2006. Well, neither one of us had anywhere to go, so I sold some
things, bought a 1986 travel trailer, five acres in the San Luis Valley in
Colorado, and moved to Blue River until the end of May 2007
when it was safe to pull the trailer.
     I live on my disability money only and my friend can’t work. The real estate
agent did not disclose all of the problems here including rattlesnakes, permits,
thieves, almost inability to live in this area, etc. and the three-month allowance
to live in a travel trailer. I went from a wonderful home to no water, or electricity,
frozen sewer, gale-force winds... a real pioneer life.
     Originally from Walton, OR,  I have written poetry since I was 10 years old.  
I consider myself a creative, empathic double Piscean who draws, writes,
paints and much more —  to get an idea of what I do you can look at my Etsy
site and/or my blog.
(Spring 2013)

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