It was that first night on Wolf Meadows that I knew I wanted to write, though it was
many years before I started. Oregon’s high desert is one of my favorite places on
Planet Earth.  
(Summer 2014)

I fi nished my school years in Oakridge where I spent more time hiking trails and
fishing rivers and lakes than paying attention to teachers and blackboards. However,
it was a reading out loud by a brave teacher of “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”
that sparked my interest in poetry. It took 45 years for the seed to bloom. I have
worked at many different jobs including commercial fishing in Alaska and a tour of
Doug Russell
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
"Bubbling up in our own good time-- online."
Vietnam, compliments of the U.S. Army. My wife Dot and I have a wonderful family with 4 kids, 12 grandkids and
4 great-grandkids.
(Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology)

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