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Avis Rust
Biography:  Volume 4 Issue 2
Eighty-eight year old Avis Rust has long been a writer, contributing a weekly column, “Noti
News,” to the
West Lane News since the mid-1960s. More recently, she has shared some of
her insights and knowledge with the readers of
Groundwaters. She has written in her journal
daily since 1960 and keeps meticulous scrapbooks of local events and activities, mostly from
the pages of the West Lane News. What some people don’t know, however, is what a talented
artist Avis is, as well. Her artistic interests are mainly botanical. She loves plants, flowers and
trees and they are her favorite subjects for her drawings. She loves flower-arranging and
provides a seasonal bouquet every Sunday for her church.  
 (Fall 2008)

Website address:  not available

Index of Groundwaters contributions:
Volume 4 Issue 2 - “Avis Rust’s Spring Holiday Journal Entries” and “Recollections” (essay);
“Garden Tip” (feature); artwork
Volume 4 Issue 4 - “Bless Those Modern Conveniences” and “July” (essay)
Volume 5 Issue 1 - cover art; “Getting Acquainted” and “Pictures Among the Branches”
Volume 5 Issue 2 - “Power in the Petals” (poetry)
Volume 5 Issue 3 - "Butterfly" (artwork); "The Bummer Lamb" (essay)
Volume 5 Issue 4 - "The Good Old Days" (personal experience/non-fiction)
Volume 6 Issue 3 - cover art; "Mother's Day"; floral artwork
Volume 6 Issue 4 - "The History of Noti" (local history); artwork
Volume 7 Issue 1 - "Wild Turkey Watch" (personal experience/non-fiction)
Volume 7 Issue 3 - “The House" (artwork & story)
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