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Martha Sargent
Martha Sargent moved to Oregon in 2006, after a mere 40-year stay in California working in
county government.  She chose Eugene because it was green and peaceful and found that
when all the noise had subsided she liked writing as a hobby in addition to photography.  She
has written two full length mystery/suspense novels, still in the editing process, and the first
draft of a sequel to the second novel.  In early February, 2010, she thought she had invented
flash fiction by writing a very short story during a workshop.  It was only 382 words, and she
thought it would be interesting to see if she could write other short, short stories.  As it turns
out, Flash Fiction is its own genre – 1000 words or fewer, so she gave up the idea of being an
inventor and just kept writing.  Martha lives in North Eugene with her cat, Sidney Reilly,  Ace of
(Summer 2010)

Martha Sargent immigrated from California in 2006 and now lives in North Eugene with
Sidney Reilly, her cat, who thinks the computer keyboard is a perfect place to play. She
started writing in 2007, after the smoke from moving cleared and the peace and quiet of
retirement was realized. Her first published book, READ ME, is a collection of 52 very short
stories, all snappy flash fiction of 1000 words or less. In addition she has two completed
suspense novels:
Recycleman, and In Hiding, and plans publish these in the near future.
(April 2011)

Website address:  none available

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