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Hannah Saubert
Hannah's father is Terry Saubert, recently featured in news reports for rescuing
neighbors' docks during the Siuslaw's flood in December 2005. Hannah says, "It is kind of
funny, all these years on the river, and now my dad Terry is receiving the title 'the river
cowboy.' Ironic, only in that he had a hip replacement and is1/2 titanium.
"About the flooding on the river: It is hard to write about my memories of my dad on the
river - there is a lot of fear surrounding them. The river is beautiful until it is sweeping
away the livestock and lapping at the floorboards. All I can see, till this day, is his back
pockets full of huge, rusty railroad spikes. He hops from the fiberglass bench seat and,
balancing on the log, he bends over with a maul and length of rope - fast as the wind
changes, off the log and back in the boat; shouting directions and drifting fast over
submerged tree tops."
(Spring 2006)  
I am in the process of getting my doctorate in English Literature. I am currently 25 and a
graduate student at Portland State University. My mother actually found the publication
and submitted the writing. My parents still live on the homestead of Hilda and Loyd
Saubert. The farm is not a dairy anymore, but it is all still intact. The river will always
possess my soul and act as the fundamental muse for all I create in life.  
(Winter 2006)

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