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Road to
By Jessie Schlaser
(2013) - 68 pages

Inspirational Poetry
and Essays
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Fly Like an Eagle
By Jessie Schlaser
A personal sharing of
Christian insights and
the interpretation of
personal visions.
Jessie Stinson Schlaser lives in Astoria,
Oregon, the northwestern-most community in Oregon which sits
at the mouth of the mighty Columbia River where it enters the
Pacific Ocean.  She celebrates 69 years of marriage this year
with her husband Fred. They have two children, four
grandchildren and many great grandchildren.
      She earned an Associate's degree in Christian Counseling
and a Certificate of Ministry from the Christian Leadership
University in 2014 at the age of 87 and is the first in her family
to earn a college degree.
      Jessie loves God, nature, flowers, gardening and writing.  
She writes of what she loves and sincerely shares her
experiences with God and the miracles he has shown her.  She
has a deep desire to help others find God as she has.