Vicki Sourdry lives in Lane County, Oregon, with her cat. Having read science
fiction for 25 years, she now writes occasionally and enjoys putting “real” people in
situations with positive outcomes. She is working on a positive outcome for herself,
as well.
(Fall 2004)

Vicki’s imagination travels the galaxy of her mind and creates people who live there.
Then, she shares them with you.
(Spring 2005)

Vicki lives in Lane County, Oregon with her dog, Mozart. Having read science fiction
Vicki Sourdry
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
"Bubbling up in our own good time-- online."
for 25 years, she now writes her own creations. (Fall 2005)

Vicki writes mainly science fiction, with an occasional essay thrown in. She has been writing since 1985, and has
three books “in progress.” One of them is nearly complete, and as soon as the characters tell her how to end it,
she will see if anyone is interested in publishing it. Meanwhile, she continues her life and her writing.

Vicki has been writing, mostly science fiction, since 1985 when she picked up a thunderegg in Eastern Oregon
and thought it looked like the map of a planet. She set about writing a book about that planet, and has been
writing, off and on, ever since. She enjoys making up universes that can be populated by characters of her own
design. She lives in Lane County.
(Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology)

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