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Roxanne Sparks
Roxanne Sparks and her husband Amir lived in Eugene for almost three
decades and are now “new expatriates to rural Mexico,” according to her
brother-in-law, Earl Hain. “Roxy and Amir wanted to retire and were unable to
do so comfortably at local prices, so they packed a major portion of their
worldly goods and moved themselves to Todos Santos, Baja California
Sur, Mexico to begin life anew – a gutsy thing to do for people nearing sixty
years of age. Roxanne is a multi-talented person, a free spirit who belongs in
the sixties, but thankfully is available to us now. She writes super stories,
paints and makes fairies. They return to the local area periodically to attend
the Country Fair and to visit their new granddaughter.”  
(Fall 2007)

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Volume 4 Issue 1 - “La Cachora” (fiction)
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