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"Bubbling up in our own good time-- online."
Crystal Spohn
Here is my poem I wrote for a friend who was going to visit an old friend/love to see if
any friendship could be salvaged. He had been her first love, gone off to the military.
Her husband let her go for two weeks with an open heart, knowing what they had was
secure. But, near the end of writing it, it was personal to me, and my outlook, as well.
Crystal Spohn is an expatriate living in Europe. Born and raised in Oregon, more
specifically, the Fern Ridge area, she started writing at the age of 11. Due to a busy
family life with a husband who often travels for NATO, and three children ranging in
ages from 4 to 14, she has written as often as she would like in past years. She plans
to make sure that that changes and to contribute to Groundwaters on a regular basis.
“This is an exciting time in my life where changes are bubbling up all over. (
Winter 2005)

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