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Katherine "Kitty" Stout
Who Are They?
A former nurse, Katherine (Kitty) Stout and her husband Ed have 4 children.
They have been married 57 years and live in an over-55 manufactured home
park in Eugene. According to Kitty, "It was a shock to realize I was eligible to
live here!  Inside, I'm nowhere near 83 years old!” Kitty perfected her writing
skills by doing a lot of letter writing to family and friends when she was younger
and it just progressed into charming short stories from there. Part of her claim
to fame involves making TV commercials for 10 years in the 1980s. She cut
Lumberjack Bread sandwiches with a chainsaw; praised NordicTrack
treadmills and was featured in several other local commercials. In the early
1980s, Kitty and her sister also appeared on the NBC game show,
"Blockbusters" with Bill Cullen, where they won $7,400.  
(Fall 2007)

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