The Groundwaters Annual Anthology
1. Email submissions are preferred. Copy text into the body of an email message or MS-Word or WordPerfect file
attachments, please; no headers, footers, or in-line graphics.

2. Include a phone number or email address with each submission as well as an updated biography.  You may use a
pseudonym, but all work must be your own.

3. Submission limit is 2,500 words for each piece of prose. Submit as many stories and poems as you want, but we
will use only those we can and others that pass review will be kept in a pending file for future issues.

4. Please be respectful to all. Read some of
Groundwaters back issues to understand its audience and speak from
the heart. We try to maintain a family-friendly format and every age is welcome. Featured authors and artists are
representative of all ages and levels of experience.
 Political or religious proselytizing of any style, including atheism, is not what
Groundwaters is about. However, writing
about your religious experience, especially, within the context of a story or poem is always something we will consider
for publication if it is not meant to sway others to a certain point of view. We will not allow quotations from a religious
text like the Bible, Torah, Koran etc.,
other than in a literary sense, nor will we approve political opinion pieces. If we
feel that a story or poem is deliberately controversial, we reserve the right to ask for a rewrite or refuse to publish it.

5. Include a short biography about yourself and your submission to share with our readers. Each contributor has a
webpage on our site ( and your information will be placed
there. Please check your page often and update it with new photos, biographies, publishing history, etc. as often as
you wish.

6. Original works are protected under the copyright of
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC, and may not be reproduced
without permission of the author/artist. They remain the property of the author/artist.
Groundwaters does not retain
any rights to them.

7. We prefer original material, but if works in the public domain are submitted for reprint, credits to authors/artists
must be included.

8. Edits may be made in submitted material due to grammatical errors and space constraints. Whenever possible, the
material and content will not be altered and any major edits will be brought to the author’s attention in advance of

9. Contributing authors and poets will be offered a 40% discount from the retail price of the book. Contact us for
information on how to obtain your discount for on-line orders.
Email your submissions to: or
Mail to: P.O. Box 50, Lorane, OR 97451
Deadline Each Year