Susanne is retired. She enjoys photography, hiking, biking, line dancing, playing
accordion, and her grandchildren.

She published her first book of poetry in 2012.
Being is a chapbook, published by
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC and is being marketed locally and on-line. For more
information on Susanne's book, check out her website!! (

The poems are born from her experience of growing up in California state parks and her
deep relationship with her natural surroundings is apparent in her writings.

In what the
Tribune News calls 'heartfelt poetry,' Being encapsulates visions of the
Northwest and specifically Trinity County, CA where Susanne spent 25 years traversing
the rugged natural landscapes of the rural Northern California county and its pristine
Trinity Alps Wilderness Area.

Susanne Twight-Alexander's father was a California state park ranger. She has three
children, all of whom were born in Trinity County.

She and her husband have lived in Eugene, Oregon for 27 years. (
Groundwaters 2015:
An Anthology

Website address:

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Groundwaters 2017: An Anthology: "Gold” (Non-fiction/Nature) - page 20; "A Break in
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Susanne Twight-Alexander
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