I always tell people "These are my thoughts, not my truths." I think that's important to know. I
live in Noti and grew up in the Redwoods.  
(Summer 2014)

Terah Van Dusen is a poet and aspiring memoirist living in Elmira, Oregon with her boyfriend
who works on a local organic farm. She loves to read and write personal stories, essays and
poems. Terah manages the post office in Alvadore, Oregon and is a former park ranger and
counselor for incarcerated youth. She is a graduate of Northern Arizona University and is
originally from Del Norte County in Northern California. Aside from sorting mail and getting to
know locals at the post office, she is also focusing on her writing career and hopes to publish
the memoir about growing up with her father off -the-grid in Northern California. She also has
a book of poetry out, titled
Love, Blues, Balance for sale via her blog or on
(Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology)

Terah Van Dusen grew up in the redwood country of Northern California and later the deserts
of southern Arizona. Both landscapes inspire her body of work. She now lives and writes in
Walton, Oregon and works in the Fern Ridge area as a mail lady. She is a poet.
Groundwaters 2015 Anthology)

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Terah Van Dusen
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