My name is Palmer Vilagi and I am married to a wonderful and beautiful woman named
Grace. We have a 17-month old son named Jonathan and live in Philomath, Oregon. I
work as an Insurance and financial advisor at Country Financial in Corvallis, OR. I enjoy
poetry, guitar, nutrition and raw foods and we love helping others in their marriages with
the ministry, “The Man of Her Dreams, The Woman of His” written by Joel and Kathy

Website address:  none available

Index of Groundwaters contributions:
Volume 5 Issue 3 - "Purple Tulips" (poetry)
Volume 5 Issue 4 - "Feathered Frolic" (poetry)
Volume 9 Issue 4 - "Excuse me, Misour, You Cannot Sleep Inside, Paris, France" (poetry)
Volume 10 Issue 1 - "Muséu Du Louvre" (poetry)
Palmer Vilagi
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
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