I've lived in Veneta for about 10 years, moving here from Dallas Texas. Two years after I
moved, my Sweetie followed me here and we live on a lovely little 11/2 acre of paradise
with our Bichon dog, Bhakti and cat, Mew. By profession, I am a clinical social worker
and am currently working at the Center For Community Counseling. At this moment I am
attempting to make sense of recent major health crisis: Breast Cancer, mastectomy etc.  
I am just now trying to sort out thoughts and journal them. I am curious what I might write!
Essentially I have only written for myself, a little poetry, lots of letters. When life
experience converges with my internal wisdom's insistent voice: "It is time to write it
down," then I do. I have never had anything published except for occasional letter to the
Karen Wickham
Groundwaters Publishing, LLC
"Bubbling up in our own good time-- online."
editor. I wrote a piece for "This I Believe" but it was not accepted. I taught an Artist Way class through Lane
Community College based on Julia Cameron's book by the same title for several years. I loved teaching this class
and it is, of course all about journaling. I have a fantasy of writing a book about aging and have written some but
have not yet exercised the discipline to really go to it. Recently I read my piece on "Winter" to a small gathering
because each was supposed to bring something they had created and share it with the group. It was very scary for
me to do that! People there told me about
Groundwaters and suggested I contact you so here I am. (Fall 2008)

Karen is a transplant from Dallas, Texas, coming to Oregon 16 years ago in search of trees. Later in life she is
discovering her voice in essays, memoirs and poetry, saying what only she can say. She lives on 1½ acres of
Veneta, Oregon paradise with her beloved life partner Dean, 8 chickens and a very exceptional dog, Bhakti. She is
mother to three and grandmother to 6 awesome little people, her greatest joy is hanging out with family. Of late her
mother-heart is opening to the whole human family, understanding that we are all the same in different flavors,
struggling through this life adventure together. (
Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology)

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Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology: "Holding Hands (essay) - page 121; "A Holiday on the Beach" (poetry) -
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