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Greg Williams
Biography:  Volume 1 Issue 3
I would currently describe myself as a bum who peeks into the dark corners of
forgotten history and writes stuff very few people care about. I live simply, all
right – little tolerance for fads, trends, pop culture or frantic life. Life is too
absurd to get worked up over... And, when you study the intricacies of history
at the individual level, you soon learn that absolutely nothing today is new.
Everything has happened before, somewhere in some form, to many people.
For example, the technology people use today – most of which I have never
heard of – is new, but not the consequences of its presence in business,
politics or society. So there isn't much to get excited about.
(Spring 2005)

Greg Williams is a local writer from Noti who specializes in non-fiction.  His
publications include
A Consumer’s Guide to Emergency Medical Services
Civil and Merchant Vessel Encounters with United States Navy
Ships 1800-2000
(2002), Civil War Suits in the U.S. Court of Claims (2006),
World War II Naval and Maritime Claims Against the United States (2006),
and the forthcoming two-volume set
The French Assault on American
Shipping, 1793-1813
, due out next Spring. The medical book stems from
Greg’s personal experience as a firefighter/paramedic in Lane County. The
first three books can be found in the Fern Ridge Library.
 (Winter 2009)

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