Kirsten Wilson moved to Eugene to be closer to family. She attended Sheldon
High School where she met and later married the man of her dreams, Scott
“I have always loved the way photography captures a moment forever. My
love for it really started when my dad and I took a trip to the Oregon coast in
2005, for a daddy/daughter outing. It was there that I took my first "real"
pictures. By "real" I mean, pictures that made an impression on other people
as well as me. I love to see the look and emotions on people’s faces when
they look at the pictures I’ve taken.”
Kirsten’s husband Scott has been her biggest supporter. With the help of
family, he was able to buy Kirsten a very nice camera with which she is using
to begin her photography business. She’s set up her own website with
samples of her very professional photography. “Since I am just starting out,
pricing is very affordable for anyone, so please feel free to contact me
(Winter 2010)

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Index of Groundwaters contributions:
Volume 6 Issue 2 - cover art; photography
Volume 7 Issue 1 - cover art
Volume 7 Issue 4 - cover art

Groundwaters 2016: An Anthology: "The Edwards' Clan" (artwork and
photos) - page 130
Kirsten L. Wilson
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