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Volume 10 Issue 4
Page 6
  Blue sky
          Chirp of birds
                  Chatter of chipmunks
                          Sun’s rays through the trees

Spatters of light upon forest floor
A velvet moss under huckleberry bush
A scatter of cones upon the ground
The play of light on leaf and limb
The air, so alive, so clean and pure

The forest floor – an Eden encompassing
A myriad of miniature Edens
Like ballerinas posing, clumps of forest grass adorn
A spread of moss – in their midst a huckleberry stands
A small fir and shoots of laurel adorn this stage
Children of the forest are these

An infinite variety of shades of green as sun plays on
forest floor and
Illumines an abundant display of leaves and needles
Blades of grass and carpets of moss
With my eyes so much is seen
How much more is seen by eyes not deficient in color

A rain of pine needles falls as
Chipmunk scurries among dead branches overhead
A cool breeze caresses flesh touched
By sun’s warming rays
Another chipmunk races by over rock and log
Busily about its business

This is a place of peace and beauty
A place of life and living… a place of
Quietude yet, bursting with the sounds and feel of life
The breeze whispering through the trees
The endless burbling of nearby distant stream
Laughing and rejoicing along its way

Memories of a few moments along the Salmon River Trail, Mt Hood,
August 1994