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Volume 7 Issue 1
Page 8
I was in the midst of my “poor years”
Too long out of work, back on the job just a short while
I splurged and bought my first pair of Birkenstocks
I had never worn such things, they were a sign of change
I was starting over again, it felt good
And they felt good, those trendy leather sandals

I was driving down the highway on a warm summer’s day
Wearing my Birkenstocks, of course
And then it happened, I passed one of those guys
You know, walking down the shoulder of the road
Shabby backpack on his back, long greasy hair,
Clothes worn a few weeks or months too long

There, on the gravel-strewn shoulder
He walked … barefoot
A sudden impulse hit me
Already passed him, I pulled over
Took off my Birkenstocks
And dropped them onto the shoulder

I don’t know if they fit him
Don’t know if he’d ever wear them
But he obviously needed them more than I did
I waved and drove on knowing someday
I’d be able to get another pair

And,  somehow, giving felt so much better than having.