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Volume 11 Issue 2
Page 5
Well, I've put this off as long I could. Someone long ago said that I was a
procrastinator and I guess I was and still am. I’m a “wait until the last possible
minute” kind of guy; funny how old age often walks hand in hand with a certain
sense of clarity about what is and has been.
      As I write this, there seems to be a certainty that this is the last issue of
Groundwaters magazine. There is a sense of sadness and reluctance about
that. It’s like losing a friend, no... like losing a lot of friends. Some of you I’ve
met face to face, others I know only by your written words, your art and your
efforts on behalf of Groundwaters. You all will be missed as will those of you
who have been our readers. We’ve had an amazing ride together.
      The list of “thank yous” is too long for this short piece but I do want to
make special mention of Jennifer Chambers, Pat Broome and especially my
sister, Pat Edwards. My sister Patty has been the glue that has held thongs
together and the engine that has made things happen. I am not just a brother; I
am an admirer of her, deeply appreciative of her talents and her efforts.   
      If there is a universal law at work, it is that of change. Everything changes
over time; no one and no thing is exempt. My life has been changed by
Groundwaters and by all of you. In our heart of hearts we knew that change
would come to this magazine too. We had hoped that when the change came
it would me more than that of becoming a fond memory, that others would be
able to step forth and take over its reins. Nevertheless, the memories are
sweet and will be long-lasting.
      Who knows what the future holds? My wish for all of you is sweet success
in all of your endeavors, abundant health and well-being and a life full of good
books and magazines.
Farewell to the Quarterly
By Jim Burnett