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Groundwaters 2015: The Anthology
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It seems to me that we are rapidly losing our sense of legends. Legend: a
story interwoven with fact and fiction, long ago reality and imagination
interwoven and passed down through generations of story-tellers and
wisdom teachers.
     The times, they are a-changin… Familiar legends fade into the shadows
cast by urban legends – mere snippets circulating round and round
the Internet and forwarded from email box to email box.
     Legends of old generally served a good purpose; they were thinly
disguised morality tales. Urban legends, birthed from a new purpose,
are meant to fool the naive, to mislead, to misinform and misdirect. The
underlying energy is sometimes viciously political; sometimes malicious;
and often overlays truth with base fiction, attacking someone’s character,
reputation and more.
     Other urban legends spew forth other types of fiction – warnings
contrived to misinform by deliberately circulating false warnings of imminent
danger to computer or livelihood.
     Some urban legend makers do it for the thrill of seeing their creations
circulate the planet. they compete to see whose email or post will
“travel” the farthest and last the longest. Others of these tricksters have
turned urban legends into a multi-million dollar industry. Their efforts
are most evident in highly-charged political seasons, serving to reinvent
political candidates.
     What will tomorrow’s legends consist of? Something better, I hope.
Will there be a return of legends like that of Robin Hood, King Arthur and
the like?
     I hope so.
Legend: One Perspective
By Jim Burnett