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Volume 5 Issue 3
Page 19
I've often wondered if this day would ever come,
When it would be my turn.
And now, now that it has finally happened,
I wonder, why now?

The breeze carries the quiet whispers of others to my ear,
"Why Him? He's so old and feeble … why not me?"
The currents shift and another whisper comes my way,
"If this can come even to him, there is hope for me."

Some looked askance and mumbled to their own ears …
"He's not such a much! Why all the fuss?"
Their questions I need not answer,
Let them wonder …

Now the time has come,
I wonder why I wanted it so.
Where's the good I expected,
The relief I sought?

So, I ask self,
What am I to make of all of this now?
What about the W?
This P? and this V?

I wonder what it's all about.