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Volume 8 Issue 4
Page 5
This issue’s theme is “grace.” Grace; it’s a simple five- letter word with meanings
far in excess of its number of letters. Who can tell what a word means by simply
looking at its ink-squiggle letters or by phonetically speaking their sounds? Put a
word like grace all by itself on a sheet of paper and who could discern its meaning,
let alone the meaning in the writer’s head?
 “Jimmy,” she said. “You are the minister; would you say grace?” To which Jimmy
responded, “Grace!” Somehow, that response did not seem to fulfill her request.
Taking things literally seldom works... literally. More words are needed, and in most
cases, it is the unsaid that best lays the groundwork for clear meaning. Take, for
example, the place setting, the circumstances, in which the word is spoken; such
things are needed to establish the context that is necessary to elicit a relevant
response. Take, for example the single word “grace” on a page and then add to it a
small picture of people sitting around the dinner table. The word would suddenly
have clear meaning.
 Grace could have been my mother’s name or, as it was for me, one of her many
attributes. She graced my life and the lives of so many others in so many ways. It
wasn’t a matter of movement, like that of the elegance of a skater on ice or the fluid
form or a soaring eagle. It was more about her presence, the inner being of her that
radiated. It, like all other expressions of grace, was a thing of beauty.
 “I do not at all understand the mystery of grace - only that it meets us where we are
but does not leave us where it found us.”   - Anne Lamott
 I am truly blessed by being a part of the
Groundwaters family. As I write this, I’ve
had the opportunity to preview most of the submissions for this issue. That’s
something I always look forward to. I am in awe of the arts and the depth and heights
revealed in art and the writings of others, be it fact, fiction or poetry. Within the
following pages are found expressions of the many facets, the seemingly infinite
manifestations, of grace. Individually and collectively, they have raised the
awareness of abundant grace in my life. Thank you all for gracing my life and the
lives of so many others with your talent and your heartfelt words and works.
What's in a Word?
By Jimminy Cricket